About us

UNIGOM brand  was born in 1987 with the idea of gathering  together in it small and medium sized artisan manufacturing companies, specialized in the production of automotive rubber and metal-rubber parts for Italian car makers and foreign multinationals.

Palmitessa brothers, promoters of this project, found  in 1991 S.D.A. sas company, UNIGOM® brand owner.

Effects of scrapping incentives, provided by government starting from 1997, have been for UNIGOM a strong incitement to innovation and application of the new technologies, in addition to the use of new materials. The strong entrepreneurial vocation characterizing Palmitessa brothers, has permitted  UNIGOM  to become a reference point in IAM sector for the customer service and for their products conforming to the highest quality standards.

From beginning UNIGOM-SDA endeavours to satisfy their customers at most.

Actually Unigom is present on auto spare parts market with:

  • Highly professional staff (from Marketing to Technical Commercial Assistance);
  • High quality products;
  • Single packing for each item, labelled with its identification reference, description and adaptability.

UNIGOM-SDA has been the beginner in packing brake and radiator hoses individually. Really few efforts from us, but greatest satisfactions for our customers.

Thank to our experiences, actually we are able to accept all the challenges market issues continually. Who work with us, well knows that can always rely on un and everywhere. Who work with us, well knows that our aims are just new points of starting.

We, from UNIGOM-SDA, are just so.