Charter of values

S.D.A. – UNIGOM works in a market that, besides being competitive and in continuous evolution, is regulated by various rules whose respect is a fundamental duty.

In addition to these rules, there is an individual and collective responsibility where ethics, meant to direct everybody’ s behaviour, resides.

With this purpose , fully aware of the part towards to the market and the social framework, our intention is to spread the fundamental ethical principles, this company has decided of pursuing, to all the stakeholders ( Customers, Suppliers, internal and external Collaborators, Partners, Shareholders, Institutions and Collectivity).

The reputation of honesty and correctitude S.D.A. – UNIGOM has merited during these years, is for us basis , part of our firm and cultural patrimony we mean to protect and strengthen at a future time.

This reputation presupposes that each of our Collaborators respects high standards of competence and correctitude and, for this reason, it’s fundamental to devote particular care to how the purposes of working are pursued.

The values Charter, herebelow shown, is proposed only as costant reference point; it’ s natural that , not being all the possible topics and situations foreseen, all of us are called to discuss its contents, to update them and to make them object of reflection periodically not only to assure their observance , but also to clarify eventual doubts about the interpretation of the expressed priciples. Each of us will be always available to help anyone who requested it, in order to individualize the right behaviour to keep in certain circumstances.

The Charter of values where are expressed the general ethical values that must inspire the behaviours and decisions in our working, represents a public declaration of engagement from SDA – UNIGOM to pursue the highest levels of ethicality in completing our firm mission.
Anyone becomes acquainted with behaviours contrary to the ethics from colleagues, Collaborators or superiors , will have to reveal it immediately: any firm purpose can never excuse a decided breach of the same principles.

Remind that the image and the good reputation of SDA-UNIGOM at all the stakeholders depend on every single member of the company and on everybody skills of respecting the ethical values expressed in the Charter.

Structure and General Principles

This Charter of Values is composed of general ethical principles and relevant exemplification. It is the document expressing the firm values and all the principles that are basis of our daily actions.
This system so expressed , is constantly shared in our organization so that are always affirmed those values having an effective importance for every interlocutor, through a way of continuous growth and responsibleness.

Our Plan (Vision)

SDA-UNIGOM purposes to become the Italian firm of reference within the market of rubber and metal rubber parts for cars,reference all over the world for qualità and image.

Our Aim (Mission)

It ‘s to advance and meet the customers’ requirements with ideas and unique products, through distinctive actions that however take into account requirements of the individual.

Our Engagement (Promise)

To interpreter and meet the Customers requirements exciting them continuously with actions, service care and innovation. To distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the continuous improvement of our Collaborators, our products and our firm performance.

Our deep believes and our behaving ( Principles and Values)

Intellectual humility and centrality of the person. The human component is the essential patrimony of our organization . We are sure that our working value resides in the value of the people forming the company.

With this aim we invest in the vocational training because we are convinced that the professionalism based on the knowledge, the continuous updating and the daily engagement is the key to excel in purposing our mission affirming so our competitiveness. We respect quality, dignity and onlyness of each person in personal and professional relationship and encourage people to do the difference.

We guarantee a work background where people can express themselves without any discrimination. At the same time we celebrate and the individual success and the collective one.

Optimism and Positiveness

Positiveness, optimism and constructive attitude are elements characterizing us.

Dynamism, inititiative and efficiency

Knowing how to achieve objectives within the set times. Knowing how to exploit the originality and inventiveness of all our collaborators, collecting all the ideas, even those that come to us from external sources, such as Customers and Suppliers.

Knowing how to pursue the best professional quality according to the most advanced standards of each sector and work activity profile. This implies punctuality in the fulfillment of duties and obligations.

Efficiency also understood as the search for optimal economy in the performance and services rendered.


Our company engages in improving constantly his own actions also through the exploitation of the acquired experience. The ability of advancing innovative solutions was and will be always the motor of development from SDA UNIGOM.

Determination and Tenacity

In our organization the individual freedom of acting and accepting challenger are encouraged

Hearing and Care

To pay attention to the customer, to be near to him, permit us to advance the future needs, creating innovation.
Every individual, internal or external to the company , who gives his exclusive contribution, amplifies the opening to the dialogue, builds collaborating.

The company that excels , can comunicate in a simple and clear way, because is well aware that the knowledge and the attention requested by the market in continuous progress, is a further base for giving value added to the offer. This permits to realize solutions making the quality of service unique.

Transparency and Correctitude

In every relation with Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers Competitors and Media, the rules of transparency, faithfulness, honesty, lawfulness, integrity and ethicality are always respected.

The principle of transparency involves the engagement of every single person to provide with all the information by a clear,complete way and a regular frequency, using a verbal and written communication that can be understood easily and immediately by him to which all the information are addressed.

The principle of correctitude involves the respect, from all the people and in carrying out their own duties and in respecting the rights of all the people that are involved in work and professional activity.

Of corse such respect is to be meant also under the section of opportunity, privacy and decorum.

The activity developed by every individual and directed to the community of purposes, involves besides the refusing any situation causing arbitrary discriminations towards colleagues such as clash of interests among collaborators, managers and company.

Only operating in this way the good reputation of SDA and their marks kept and every action is automatically put into results.