Quality Policy

VISION of our company is the full satisfaction of the needs of its customers through the quality and efficiency of the service provided ensuring the safety and health of its employees.

MISSION of the S.D.A. sas, born in 1991 producing and distributing rubber spare parts for cars on the national territory under its own brand UNIGOM, is achieving a position of pre-eminence both on the Italian and foreign market of its own competence, believing that the procedures adopted are the key to achieving this goal

The General Management has established to base and maintain the Company Management on a Quality Management System compliant with the principles of the EN lSO 9001: 2015 Standard. This system becomes concrete in organizational and technical actions applied to the entire company, in a systematic, planned and documented manner with the following purposes:

• Obtaining Certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and newly issued;
• Promoting the use of risk-based thinking in the planning of objectives for the achievement of an effective integrated management system to obtain full customer satisfaction from all the Stakeholders and all other interested parties;
• Optimization of production processes (construction technology and materials);
• Efficiency of the ability to respond promptly to customer requests, thanks to a better and organized warehouse management acquisition of control systems, packaging and high performance labeling;
• Consolidate the activity carried out on the territory with increasing levels of quality;
• Expand the commercial action in foreign markets;
• Promote trade agreements with consortia and buying groups;
• Contribute to the promotion of the GM Edu project for the free training of students in the automotive sector;
• Aim for revenue growth with partner customers;
• Optimize the transmission of orders, documentation and communication via B2B e-commerce and other IT tools.

The global context and the particular economic period led to pay maximum attention to the management of resources, to the containment of expenses and consequently also to medium and long-term planned investments.
It is considered essential to carry out a careful reorganization of the company to make it even more competitive by adapting it to the new context in which it operates in order to consolidate relations with all the involved parties over time.

The following objectives must be pursued by each function:
• Organizational optimization of the activities carried out;
• Elimination of inefficiencies in business processes;
• Conduct of processes in compliance with current legislation on safety and security
• Creation of products / services with quality that meets the requirements of the specifications contractual and / or by the regulations and by the company quality standard.

Each manager has the obligation to sensitize their employees at all levels in order to guarantee:
• Respect and valorisation of human resources:
• Respect for the roles and tasks assigned;
• The achievement of the pre-set objectives;
• Compliance with operating procedures;
• In every field the respect of the laws and the prevention behaviors of the worker safety and environmental risks.

The Directorate General responsible for the promotion and dissemination of this commitment through annual improvement plans included in the Management Review report which, identifying the areas most deserving of attention by providing actions and resources for the purpose of reach the expected level. It also promotes and supports specific actions aimed at protecting the health of human resources and the environment and ensuring that the product and the processes do not present significant and uncontrolled risks for users and for the environments where they are installed and used.

To the Quality Management Manager, appointed by the General Management are conferred authority and authority required for the implementation of the maintenance and improvement of the System, so as to achieve the improvement objectives with the support of external consultancy.