Unigom in schools

It is often said that the quality of products must be “demonstrated” to be appreciated, and one of the tools that companies have at their disposal is linked to training. As part of the GM-EDU Program – how to bring school closer to the world of work -, with the start of the next school year, technicians and managers of SDA-UNIGOM together with the most famous companies in the world producing spare parts, for the first equipment as well as for the aftermarket, they will meet students and teachers from state and private technical and professional institutes spread across the national territory. The aim is to update them on the new technologies applied to the components, on the quality controls carried out during the production and packaging phase, on the new materials used, instructing them on the checks to be carried out before, during and after assembly on the car, on the use of equipment and everything that can help them.

We strongly believe in this project”, stated Luciano Palmitessa, marketing director of Unigom, “and we are ready to invest time and men in order to properly prepare thousands of young students to become future mechatronics”.

In a period where there is a need for certainties, even the smallest technical/training contribution that each of us can offer to these young operators, through our skills gained over years of research and development, is an important piece of qualitative and cultural completion of the puzzle of our market, aimed at qualifying the entire aftermarket category in the eyes of the motorist… starting with these young people who will be our future operators.

SDA-UNIGOM believes in the GM-EDU Program!