A wide selection of car clamps

UNIGOM is a leading supplier of radiator hose clamps and water passage sleeves. In fact, we offer a vast catalog of hose clamps, for every type of closure and need, distinguished by the maximum seal and quality.In addition to the range of products for the tightening of car sleeves, other types of cable clamps are also available, such as:

  • Headset clamps steering box (or steering gear)
  • Straps for semi-axles (or c.v. joint)
  • Nylon cable clamps for electrical wiring

Our clamps for a perfect tightening

Available in different diameters and openings, our car clamps guarantee a quick assembly and a completely secure tightening along the entire perimeter and on any material. Ask for our staff ,we will be able to show you the ideal type of clamp for the components of your car.