Expansion Tanks and Radiator Caps

In the last 3 years activities undertaken by Unigom R.&S. have been to put together appropriate technical computer-aided drafting (CAD) and 3D modeling skills for the physical realization of a prototype through a 3D printing, demonstration of how a good project is the beating heart of innovation permitting to reach a superior quality product, at a lower cost and in the shorter time. In response to market demands to develop and offer a product of quality equal to the one produced for automotive industry, Unigom has introduced its Unigom Expansion tanks and relevant caps whose quality has been demonstrated by the successful completion of specific tests in order to guarantee a product of absolute reliability for the protection of different engines.

The Expansion tanks and Radiator caps (that with the thermostats are considered as the safety valve of all the cooling system) are in fact thought in order to assure that the pressure correct for the cooling system is always maintained while driving, allowing air to escape in case of overpressure. Expansion tanks and Radiator caps complete the range of items belonging to the cooling system, in addition to the radiator and heated hoses (among the widest European ranges), thermostat flanges and rigid coolant hoses.