Gearshift Cables & Control Cables

The need to reduce the overall dimensions both in the engine compartment and in the chassis, has led an Italian company to find first the most functional solution to the old gear lever system and that until a few years ago was done precisely by appropriate metal levers. Today more and more cars are equipped with this decidedly more functional solution. The remote controls work both in shooting and pushing: in other words, with this type of remote control – gear selector cable – you can make all gear changes guaranteeing maximum precision in gear changes.

The remote controls, also called shift cables or gear selector cable, have been specifically designed for:

  • guarantee greater control in gear changes
  • greater driver safety in the event of an accident
  • solve space problems in the chassis
  • have a longer duration
  • be adapted to increasingly difficult routes (between the gear lever and the gearbox itself)

The Gearshift Cables & Control Cables are sold packaged with a cardboard core because, as they are made, they must not be bent or otherwise, forced to radii of curvature higher than those for which they were designed. Otherwise the perfect functioning of the cable itself would be compromised before assembly.