Engine Mountings

Our engine mounts are perfect synthesis of quality and comfort

Fundamental to car health, they play a decisive part for eliminating noise and vibrations. From starting up to switching off , the engine generates vibrations. The engine is joined to the chassis through mounts, connecting rods, antivibration parts, of different shape and frame, all they designed to permit an easier acceleration and deceleration in order to reduce at most undesired vibrations. In fact, the vibrations generated by the engine and perceived inside the vehicle, if not well cushioned by engine mounts, cause the breakage of other components and result to be really very annoying.

With Unigom engine mounts, thanks to the high damping level ,maximum comfort for drivers and acoustic isolation inside the car are ensured. We suggest periodic controls in order to check the real condition and eventually to effect the replacement. Unigom is able to offer, in IAM sector, a complete range of engine mounts , engine support rods and antivibration parts with a percentage covering 94% of vehicles circulating on European roads.

Advanced Technology

  • Hydraulic engine mounts
  • Hydraulic engine mounts with sensor

Hydraulic engine mounts are generally composed of a supporting frame (made of metal, aluminium or rubber) and delimited areas where a fluid of a different density depending on manufacturer specifications , is contained. On the basis of different solicitations to which engine mounts are subjected, a perfect damping of vibrations is reached thanks to the liquid flowing into these “chambers”. The damping factor of hydraulic system changes, therefore, based on solicitation level of the engine mount. They offer a high damping level whose factor changes depending on speed, transported cargo, road surface condition, road incline and so on.

Hydraulic engine mounts and hydraulic engine mounts with sensor are extraordinary products, born from the the most advanced search and modern technology. The result is surprising in the perspective of efficiency and vehicle safety.