Shock Absorber Strut Mountings

Shock absorber mountings have been thought to join the chassis to the shock absorber and to soften blows and vibrations.They guarantee a very high driving comfort thanks to their function of damping a part of vibrations generated by the shock absorber and by external factors acting on the moving car.

If they are deteriorated,  shock absorber function and duration result to be compromised. We recommend  to monitor the shock absorber mounts and, in case of wear and noisier and harder steering wheel , their immediate replacement. The presence of cracks in rubber is a clear sign of collapse, check that the bearing ( inside the mount or to it applied) rotates freely : if there is a friction it’ s necessary to replace it because it will cause surely an annoying noise  and the steering function of shock absorber stem will not be self centring anymore, the vibrations will increase and the steering wheel will be imprecise. See also Shock Absorber Mounting Bearings.