Top Strut Mount Bearings

The shock absorber stem must have the chance to rotate. During driving the stem suffers all the solicitations generated by speed, road surface, direction change, accelerations, decelerations, lateral wind and so on. Just for this, over these last years  it has been decided to apply an axial bearing to the shock absorber mount  so that these radial solicitations are softened avoiding the contact with shock absorber housing and connecting plate that, without the bearing, would be damaged.

When the bearing is damaged due to use and therefore cannot freely turn, the wheel is not self-centring anymore. In the event that noises coming from wheel or limber are felt during the operations , it is recommended to replace and the Top strut Mount and the bearings applied to it. The reasons of the breakage are various: a very bad road surface, holes/ bumps met at high speed, overloaded vehicle, water/dusts/ sand come into contact with bearings balls or grease, shock absorber bumper  structure failure ( if necessary, it can be replaced also without replacing the shock absorbers).

Top strut mount bearing quality is fundamental . There is who offers, without scruple,  cheap and poor quality products not reflecting the minimum required : made of metal in not refined steel, of very bad plastic, and also the grease used is not of a good quality , The Unigom guarantees the high quality standard concerning the shock absorber bearings produced by the same suppliers of the main car manufacturers. The replacement of the bearings occurs at the same time of shock absorbers replacement and it must be always for both the sides.