Shock Absorber Buffers

When the bumper is deteriorated or even missing because completely pulverized, the shock absorber stem violently bumps into the base of shock absorber mount and  into the same radial bearings causing the breakage. In the same way the bumper is used also to protect the inner valves positioned on the base of shock absorber body. It is recommended therefore a continuous control to check the rubber or poliurethan bumper wear state and, if necessary, to replace them in a pair immediately, even in case in which the shock absorbers are not to be replaced.

Jounce bumpers have been designed in order to guarantee a high comfort for the driver and to protect the shock absorber components. Even if it has a very low lateral expansion, lateral rings are often added  in order to assure more rigidity. It can be utilized also as a damping component in special vehicles. Rubber bumpers were used in the past. Actually a microcellular polyurethane elastomer, obtained by mixing a  polyol and an isocyanate, is used  in the production of  jounce bumpers. By its nature it’s an  highly resistant material, it has a very low lateral expansion and for this reason it can be used in limited construction spaces, just like a shock absorber. Besides it guarantees the reduction of the strong and continuous vibrations coming from chassis.