The silentblocks are designed to absorb and soften most of the vibrations and shocks caused by oscillating movements of the mechanical parts such as the suspensions and the body of the car. They are in fact are located on shock absorbers, oscillating arms, engine mounts and so on.

They generally consist of an elastic part (useful for absorbing shocks and vibrations) and a metal or a fiber structure supporting them in this. Silentblocks can be as follows:

  • Metal / Rubber / Metal
  • Metal / Rubber / Nylon
  • Nylon / Rubber / Metal
  • Nylon / Rubber / Nylon
  • Metal / Rubber / Rubber-Nylon

The discomfort caused by vibrations, puts sometimes the safety at risk , so it is good to monitor the state of health of the silentblocks.These last ones, interposing themselves among the mechanical sources of the various elements, reduce considerably the vibratory disturbance, their resonance, with the result of no noise . The choice of rubber compounds (generally on natural base) and the methods used to vulcanize are fundamental to the production of silentblocks. The rubber vulcanization is a chemical-physical process occuring through the use of temperature as a catalyst. UNIGOM silentblocks are made of the highest quality natural rubber in order to guarantee the right absorption of vibrations.