Stabilizer Bar Bushes

In addition to a wide variety of stabilizer bars, Unigom also offers a complete range of stabilizer bar bushes, even for cars for which car manufacturers have not considered replacement (forcing so the driver to bear very high costs in replacing the entire bar). The elastic UNIGOM stabilizer bar bushes are the ideal solution to guarantee safety and excellent driving performance, extending the life of the tires.

The continuous and hard stresses to which the stabilizer bars (also known as anti-roll bar) are undergone, are absorbed in particular by the elastic bushes and the mountings connected to them, reason for which the latter are the first components to deteriorate and wear out. If, in the event of operations on rough roads, excessive clearance should occur between the stabilizer bar and its components, it is advisable to immediately replace all the rubber bushes and mountings applied to the bar, or to replace the same stabilizer bar .All Unigom stabilizer bar bushes are manufactured in compliance with the same quality standards required by car manufacturers.

Bushes, mountings and stabilizer bars

Our bushes, as well as the other categories of stabilizer and anti-roll bar mountings, are designed and manufactured to withstand heavy loads. Available for most of the cars on the market, ensure excellent adaptability and excellent performance, having all been made according to the same quality standards required by car manufacturers.