Stabilizer Bars

The anti-roll bar, also known as anti-roll bar, has the function of guaranteeing maximum stability to the car by connecting the two suspension arms (the left and right) in such a way as to counter the roll, that is the oscillation that undergoes a car around its longitudinal axis. In simpler words, the anti-roll bar of the car has the function of limiting the lateral cornering in the curve. For this reason, the stabilizer bar can not be completely rigid and non-deformable, but must ensure good torsional elasticity.

In fact, when cornering the outer suspension goes into compression, while the internal one in extension: the auto stabilizer bar is stressed by the compression that the outer suspension creates, for example, in the case of a curve. This compression pushes the bar upwards, causing a torsion of the bar in the central area, which will react elastically, trying to re-establish itself, thus limiting the roll of the car accordingly.

The dowels of the auto stabilizer bar

These continuous stresses are absorbed in particular by the plugs connected to the bar, which is why they are the first components to wear out. If, in case of maneuvers or on rough roads, excessive play should occur between the bar and the plugs, it is advisable to replace the plugs or the stabilizer bar immediately.

In addition to offering a wide range of stabilizing bars, Unigom offers a complete catalog of anchors and supports for anti-roll bars. These are all made in compliance with the same quality standards required by car manufacturers.