Steering and Axle Shaft Boots

The boots of the axle shafts as well as those of the steering box are designed to protect and guarantee over time the functions and performance of the constant velocity joints and the guide boxes. Each single boot is specifically designed to guarantee perfect lubrication to the joint and to constantly protect the internal and underlying spheres against moisture, dirt and soil. The same is for axle shaft boots that are designed to ensure constant lubrication of the box stem. It is important that the right boot is coordinated to its joint and axle shaft , designed specifically for a correct lubrification during the centrifugal movement of the wheels in motion and to withstand the constant torsional movements of the various components for a long time .

Universal CV boots

Contrary to what many persons think, the choice of adapting a similar boot or one of the so-called Universal Boots, involves serious problems to the components. Suffice it to say that if the design of the adapted boot differs even minimally from the original, or worse, that the adapted boot has a spiral more or less than the original or even, that the same diameter of one of the spirals is different from the original boot; the risk that the grease does not reach and lubricate properly the underlying spheres is very high and this will result, in a short time, the breakage of the joint or of the axle shaft. If it had been possible to apply an universal boot to the joints or axle shafts, the first persons to do would have been the same manufacturers of these last components: the different boots are specially designed and built to ensure adequate lubrication and durability. The same thing is for the steering box boots where to being protected is the stem of the steering box and where torsion, contraction and extension games are by far superior.

Each Unigom boot is made according to the standards of car manufacturers and, to facilitate assembly, all UNIGOM boots kits are equipped with right-sized steel and stainless gaskets, specific grease for constant-velocity joints and a pair of disposable gloves .